Here are writing samples by genre.  Not a complete list. Just highlights for those interested.

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Teach Children to Seek Signifigance over Success

Fostering Lifelong Learning

First Grade Readiness

The Right Age for Academics

Comparing Waldorf Education and Public School

Comparing Montessori and Waldorf Education



Fuck the Backup Plan

How to Care Less

Inspiration Finds you Working

You Do You: The Gift of Authenticity

When Nothing is Going Right, Go Left

Dust Settles, People Shouldn’t

Advice From the World’s Happiest Man



Five Back Pain Myths Debunked

Do you Have Carpal Tunnel?

4 Steps to Prep for Knee Replacement

Youth Sports – Common Injuries and Prevention



Why I’m a Pro-Tech Mom

Gender Bending Elementary Kid

My Son Watches a Lot of Media

Mom, Why Do We Work?

Avoiding the American Taboo



I Hate That Book The Secret

Pat is Dead

Why Do We Blame Victims?

A Letter to My Older Self

Does it Amount to Anything?



UK Facing Global Challenges Head on

Maintaining Prosperity in Japan

Czechs Carve Global Niche

Italians Take the Bronze

Cutting Gear Challenges Down to Size

3 for 5 (Axis Machining)



C-Suite Selling of SEM

Five Layered Strategy of Keyphrase Research

Writing for The Web — Good vs. Bad

Strunk Updated for the Web


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