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Nothing illustrates wrath for me like road rage.  I once saw a mini-van clad in Christian signage – the silver fish, two or three bumper stickers, and a cross hanging from the rearview mirror – and the driver got cut off and lost her mind.  She rolled down her window and started yelling and gesturing at the young man that disregarded her car’s right of way. Okay, I laughed a lot at that.

But it isn’t really funny.  Also not funny is the viciousness of online anonymity.  If you thought a windshield blocked accountability, how about a virtual wall that shields your entire identity. Bullying, I believe, is at such a new level for children now because of this phenomenon.

I would define Wrath as a tragic blindness to humanity.  Thinking about wrath makes me think of war and great cruelty. It’s getting me pretty down, actually.  So, I will keep it light, if you can forgive that, by linking to this Road Rage fake news piece from The Onion. It reminds me, in a clever way, of the disregarded humanity behind wrath.


  1. Actually, I would take Sage’s comment one step further. As I am just recently learning, it is the damage we inflict upon ourselves that primarily accounts for the way we treat others. Another cliché: You cannot love (accept) others until you learn to love (accept) yourself.

  2. While I would say I have this, it’s probably not my greatest vice. Although, I do have rage, there’s no doubt about it.

    I don’t understand what is so appealing to be cruel to others. I think it is probably because people have been so cruel to them that they just want to return the favor.

    In fact, as I look back at all these sins, they all seem to be manifested from wrongs that have been inflicted upon the person causing evil scars.

    You almost can’t blame people for how they act because they’ve been treated so poorly themselves.

    However, you are ultimately responsible for your own actions. So even though you legitimately have been wronged in the past you have to do your best to overcome the negative instincts those wrongs have inflicted upon you.

    Keep ’em coming!

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