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I tweeted of my horrible day of rewriting this book description (think back cover), and I had two kind offers for a rewrite.  One promised to improve it if the topic got changed to zombies.  Another said he’d rewrite it to be a secular fiction piece of atheist triumph.  I’ll take both offers. Anyone else want to work on it?  I can’t see past the blurred vision.

The Wayward Shepherd

Rev. Ellis Channing is a confident, idealistic, and inspiring pastor at his large suburban church. When his son’s atheist girlfriend, Claire Kelly, lands pregnant on their doorstep, his gift for bold leadership drives his downfall. Ellis vows to to turn the family crisis into a Christian success story by saving the baby, leading its mother to God, and marrying the young couple. He doesn’t notice that his righteous agenda is undermining his faith until the threatened and trapped Claire crafts her own plan. Will Ellis surrender his ego-driven motives and seek the truth before her scheme destroys his family?


And here, why not give you the elevator pitch as well.

When Rev. Ellis Channing’s son gets an atheist pregnant, the pastor’s gift for bold leadership drives his downfall. He vows to save the baby, lead its mother to God, and marry the young couple, but if he can’t seek truth beyond his righteous agenda, his future daughter-in-law will destroy the family.


  1. It’s all of those years in theater. I don’t know how long people look at a book blurb, but I know that marketing in theater has about 3 seconds to grab someone, or they have moved on…

  2. You’re dear, Rocky…I was being silly. Keep in mind that, in all things, I have no idea what I’m doing!

  3. Thanks Jamie! I like the first one. You have a fun style and I could stand to lighten up. 🙂

  4. A first stab. Admittedly cheesy. And nude of details, but maybe they could be put back in. Please don’t mock this effort too much!

    Rev. Ellis Channing has it all — the perfect talent for oration and leadership, and the perfect family; that is until his son accidentally gets a girl pregnant. Enter Claire Kelly. Will Rev. Channing be able to hold his family together and lead the young Claire into a loving relationship with God, or will Claire destroy Rev. Channing’s life AND faith?

    Boy meets girl. Boy gets girl pregnant. Reverend Super-Dad tries to fix everything, but instead has a crisis of faith. Will Reverend Channing lose everything that matters to him, including his relationship with God?

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