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Make Them Scientists: A case for redirecting the science instruction paradigm

The Upside of FrenvyOccasional envy is nearly unavoidable. But is it a bad thing, or is there an upside to this twisted admiration?

Ed Tech: A case for deferring electronic media in the classroom

Drop the FacadeDo you let people see your real self, or are you hiding behind facades? Overusing facades means risking isolation and loss of authentic self.

Your Side / My SideWhile the ranks of political division have not varied much over time, feelings of fear and animosity have skyrocketed. Why are we becoming more afraid of those who think differently?

K-8 Comeback: Why the Middle School Model is a Failure

Enlighten Up: Joy and play have the power to transform the world through transforming education, inspiring corporate innovation and benefitting our health and relationships.

ERP and the Millennial Workforce: Millennials will want an interface and ERP experience that meets their expectations and here’s why you should care.

Pack Light on Life’s JourneyMost of us are placing too much weighty importance on things that don’t matter. Dropping false heavy priorities, makes rooms for handling the genuine heaviness found in life.  

Connect to ThriveA journey toward deeper connection — with yourself, your community and the cosmos — is essential for purposeful living.

I’m Sorry But Stop ApologizingYou might think apologizing for random or illegitimate transgressions is cute or endearing, but social science tells us why we should NEVER apologize unless we’ve legitimately F’d up.

Speak Up Honesty is the best policy until it’s not. Standing up for yourself can be rewarding or can absolutely bite you in the ass. Find out how to judge which will happen.

Soldiering On Toward Personal GrowthDid you know… the US Army has been researching personal growth since the Vietnam era and they’ve isolated the 5 tenets of personal growth that matter most.

The Falsehood of FearFear is a liar. Call it out for what it is — False Expectations Appearing Real. When you Face It you can see it is just a future-focused construct that has little to do with the present moment.

Float OnTo float is to acknowledge that existence is bigger than your worries and problems. Life, if you let it, will carry you. Relax into the moment, lay back, and float.

Rise UpChallenges, discomfort and failures are what feeds the soil that helps us grow and rise. Rising versus staying downtrodden is largely dependent upon the seeds we plant in the living moment to harvest in the future.

5 Ways to Let Go | Free YourselfMany unnecessary struggles come from prioritizing the past and future over the present moment. If you are dissatisfied, if you are stuck, if you are bitter… it is time to let go.  

6 Deadly Dysfunctions that Kill LoveA good relationship is always a net positive. If you’re staying with someone that causes you confusion or pain on the regular, your self worth is on the line.

Making Love LastNowadays, we want our partner to be our passionate lover, best friend and trusted confidant for 50 years. Is that even realistic?  

Addicted to LoveLove really is a drug. When we first fall for someone, we don’t seek to feel cherished so much as we seek the hit of Dopamine, Norepinephrine, Serotonin, Vasopressin, etc.

Every Human is UnlimitedWe really have unlimited potential. Circumstance and probability runs up against it — giving actions a boost or smackdown — but that doesn’t alter the reservoir of potentiality within you.


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