Not Helping

I’m a marketer, so I’m declaring this week’s rapture WAY off brand and compromising the message.  The Vatican made the right move — having the Pope as brand manager.

Speaking of message, Camping would like to qualify that it’s tonight, not tomorrow. So the looting parties begin at midnight. Don’t miss out on a new flat screen because you thought it was Saturday at midnight.

Sadly, these guys have followers, real people, but from that 35,000 ft. view, it’s pure comedy.  My personal favorite is A.J., or Almost Jesus, as I call him.

Here he is, with beard and long hair, of course (I hope the messiah comes back with a crew cut) using an out-of-his mind map to clarify how reincarnation works. It’s hard to watch.  Not because he’s crazy, but because he’s boring. I hope this dude and his whiteboard get raptured tonight. And, seriously, what’s with Mary Magdalene coming back with him?  Did Scorscese write this?