Nicki Minaj – Skeptics Behaving, I Mean Performing, Badly.

When Sinead O’Conner ripped up the picture of the Pope… that made sense. She’s a self-admitted crazy lady, but the conflict in her country between Protestants and Catholics at the time was fearsome and she was rejecting her personal history as a sign of protest.

Okay, now two consecutive Sunday’s we’ve had what amounts to offense for offense’s sake – first during the Super Bowl when MIA gave the bird to the camera and then at the Grammy’s when Nicki Minaj did whatever that performance was supposed to be. If you didn’t see it, consider yourself lucky.


Here’s a good wrap up from TMZ:


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Listen, if Ms. Minaj had said afterwards, that she intentionally mocked Catholics because Catholicism had ruined her childhood, or represented the Biblical justification of slavery, or oppressed women or . . . etc.  But she just explained her action by giving Ryan Seacrest the cliff notes to the performance:

“I had this vision for Roman, for him to be exorcised, but people around him telling him he’s not good enough, that he’s not normal, he’s not fitting in with the average Joe,” Nicki explained. “He wanted to show that not only is he amazing and confident, but he’s never going to be exorcised and when they throw the holy water on him, he rises above it.”

That must explain the alter boy between her legs.

She also said it was the “most comfortable” she’s ever been on stage.  Oh, silly us for being puzzled. As long as you feel comfy, dear.

I love the first amendment and would never propose censoring these fools, but seriously.  Ladies. Can we use dissidence and shock to stand up for something worthwhile and not just make the news? Put some thought into offending people so you don’t just look like a money grubbing press whore.


  1. I actually assumed it was about the conflict at the time too. I think a lot of people did. It’s probably an inherent risk of making any controversial statement about something where most people have knee-jerk reactions like religion…your message may be lost amid the controversy about *speaking out at all.*

  2. You are lucky! Thank you for the correction. My apologies to Ms. O’Connor and her fans. She still, in that moment, represents a great example of how to make a relevant public controversial statement.

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