Making Blogs for Characters

How would feel if you found out that this blog, or any other, was actually a promotion of a novel and the author of said blog was a character and not a person in the “real” world. I’ll give you some options on how you might feel if say, Rocky Lewis, is really just a protagonist.

1) Betrayed and offended

2) Intrigued and offended

3) Intrigued and not offended

4) Fascinated enough to buy the book about the character.

What say you?


  1. #3 and #4. Do a blog in character, Rocky. I bet it’ll work out well and I think it’s a great way to intro your story.

    It’s actually much easier for me to write blog snippets in character than out of character…I guess I don’t find myself interesting enough 😉 I’m hoping to restructure & reboot my dormant blog soon as a “prequel” to a story starting next September…let’s see if I can get as disciplined as you and actually get some writing done 🙂

    Can’t wait to read your stuff!

    ~ g

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