It’s everywhere. Thomas Aquinas would flip his lid to see the modern and expanded manifestations of lust. Pornography is a $13 billion dollar industry.  I have no personal tales of lust.  Aren’t you relieved?  😉

I direct you instead to an interesting and controversial Christian solution to Lust.  Have you been to


  1. This is desire for me. I kind of wonder why they didn’t ever make desire one of these sins.

    I don’t know what other people feel. But desire is strong in me. I want things for no other reason than to want them.

    I know this is a stupid question. But I don’t know the answer. Why are these bad, again?

    Because as I think about these I’m pretty much a complete product of all these. I’m pretty sure I would not exist without them. And honestly, I don’t really think I’m alone in that reality.

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