I Still Hate That Book, The Secret

This week, I wrote about how perception, thought and inner narrative create our reality. I believe this. Unfortunately, the idea got hijacked and tarnished 10 years ago by the self help book, The Secret. Based on the new-aged Law of Attraction — a made up extrapolation from quantum physics — it claims your positive ideas bring forth positive experience while your negative ideas do the opposite.

While charming, positive and innocuous on the surface, this notion supports an evil way of living in the world. And too many people believe it. It serves too easily as a great justification for ignoring the suffering of others and victim blaming.

As in… “Oh, you have bad things in your life?  You should not have been so negative. Maybe you wouldn’t have gotten cancer.”  Few people would say that awful shit, but when they believe, deep in their hearts, that their way of being will protect them from negative consequence and bring forth only good, they are both disrespecting the suffering and setting themselves up for a lot of self blame later on when they suffer.

We all suffer and it’s often random, cruel and unfair.

BUT perception and thought does create our reality. Our ability to turn negative, random circumstance into positive result is the real secret. Not that you can avoid harsh chaotic suffering, but that you create your personal reality in and against these things. You create the perception, value and purpose of your life with your daily thoughts and intentions.

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