Happy Birthday Indy

Will you ever cease to amaze me? You’ve got your father’s discipline, that’s for sure. You spent an hour rolling on that skateboard between the kitchen and the couch – back and forth, slowly gaining confidence, slowing standing upright and proud.

And so it is with all things you do. You watch, wait and then do with dogged determination. Add that to your generous heart and pervasive optimism and, well, it’s no wonder the gals at school are trying to secure a future engagement.

I am just so proud of you. You’re not really aware of what you’ve been overcoming to get where you are in life, but I’ve noticed that you have to work hard for things. At first, I hated it. “Why can’t life be easy for Indy like it is for some kids?” But now I see what a gift you’ve been given. You almost never get frustrated and when you want to learn something, or have something, you do whatever it takes and do it joyfully.

You are a force to be reckoned with, my dear. I cannot wait to see what this year holds.



  1. He is an amazing, sweet kid, a pleasure to be around. I can hardly wait until they can create fun in the new theater. He is so creative.

  2. He’s an amazing kid. I’m doing a show full of bright, talented kids right now. Theater kids. Indy blows them all away with his creativity and persistence!

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