Guest Post – The Simple Life

I have become a regular over at The Barn Door. Stop by sometime and hang out with us Midwestern ladies.  We’re a charming, earthy bunch (if I don’t say so myself). I did a post about camping.

We just got back from camping over the fourth and it was an amazing, culturally diverse experience.  We do mostly “fake” camping (where you pitch a tent by the car), and we spent the long weekend at a KOA on Lake Erie.

A Muslim family of 15 or so were across the street. The other side of the street had a large family gathering of Hispanics, and they should be legally required to invite me over for whatever is for dinner.  There were a lot of African American and Indian families as well.  Leaving about 50% white folk in two stereotypical versions — the WASP-y RV and fifth wheelers and the red neck tent and pop up folk (that’s us).  And we were all jammed up together in the pool and bathroom and snack shack.  And our kids all rode bikes together and mingled at the playground.

It was, undoubtedly, the most All American experience I’ve had in quite sometime. No matter what latest political brouhaha is frustrating you, you’ve got to hand it to us on the melting pot thing.  We do it like no other country and in the moments like this weekend, when it works, it’s a beautiful thing.




  1. *sear, should be “dear”, of course. Thinking of sending Indy a video online…thoughts? I don’t want him to forget about me!

  2. Only Indy could remind someone of simplicity at Disney. 🙂 Glad you like our little dude. Lord knows he LOVES you. As we all do.

  3. I was surprised at how available the “simple life” was at Disney. And that kid of yours was a big help in reminding me of that value. Wanna go on the $5 million water ride? Nope, I’d rather spend time on the island with caves and forts (cost to Disney – maybe $10k in 1975). Wanna go on the Haunted Mansion again? Nope, I’d rather play with these $6 dolls on a $25 park bench.

    Not to focus so much on the $ aspect, but I’m just sayin’ that I love Indy’s sensibilities. He’s an excellent teacher, and so are you, my sear!

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