Malley’s Bacon Bark says it all for me. It’s a Jewish nightmare in a box, pig + dairy, not to mention a coronary delight. Yeesh.

I jest, but this is serious. It’s estimated that 97 million Americans are obese, which puts them at risk for all kinds of ailments.

The half sourced Wikipedia definition of Gluttony is, “overconsumption to the point of waste.”

If only it was just bacon bark killing us. I have a friend who just emerged from rehab because his consumption pushed him into suicidal despair . . . again.

To see the horror of gluttony, you need only look at the before and after Methamphetamine pictures online.  This gentleman, in particular, breaks my heart:

Gluttony for me is a constant battle, a balancing act, between what my animal self desires and what my civilized human self knows. Sometimes, I cheat by going to excess and then swinging over to deprivation to compensate.  But I know this is still sin.  I believe moderation is a daily devotional to the self and to God.

I guess I won’t try the bacon bark.  I’ll just head that one off at the pass.


  1. Gluttony is definitely a problem of mine. I over do everything. And now look at me… I can’t talk today because I pushed myself too hard at my class yesterday.

    I’m not sure why I over do everything. Is it because I think I’m experiencing the outer edges of the world?

    I guess I don’t have a rational reason. I just do.

  2. I have to say the bacon bark does NOT tempt me – but there’s plenty of other things that do! And those before and after pictures tell it all. Great post.

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