You Don’t Always Have to Be Right

BTESaid to me by Sage. We were not having an argument.

He was encouraging and comforting me after I expressed regret and embarrassment about two risks I took this summer — the purchase of the dino A class RV (my doing, many assume Sages) and the purchase of a camp site at a place my son dislikes.

Insult on Injury.  The injury being the failure. The insult being the embarrassment of it.  And so, I had said I wished not only that I’d never have taken the chances, but also that no one might have ever noticed either “investment.” I then compared it to my sad little writing “career.”

He says, “It’s okay, Rocko. You don’t always have to be right.”

Huh.  How about that? You’d think I’d be old enough to stop caring about the embarrassment part. To stop trying to be right all the time. I mean, who am I saving face for exactly?

What are you avoiding for fear of being wrong and looking foolish?

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