Creepy and Awesome

As a writer, I often think, “Who really cares what I write?  I’m just entertaining people with a story and taking them away from everyday life.”

Then again, I do hope maybe they’ll think a little differently afterwards, right? Certainly you remember a Fiction book, maybe a classic, that changed how you think.

Well, now science declares this to be, not just possible, but probable. Recent research summarized here says:

“A defining feature of experience-taking is that it allows people to understand another person’s perspective and life experiences authentically, without being biased or influenced by their own point of view, beliefs, or expectations.

Furthermore, our work has revealed that experience-taking can dramatically affect the beliefs and behaviors of readers once they emerge from the narrative world. “

It’s no wonder zealots burn books. They’re right! Walking in other people’s shoes does open your mind (and heart?). This article kindles a little fire in me. I clearly need to clarify my manifesto, so as to properly influence all my fiction readers. Bwahaahaa.


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