Compassion, On the Internet?

A wonderful story, yet again, coming out of Reddit. This time about religion and misunderstanding and how to handle cultural differences with civility and compassion. All psycho zealots take note.  THIS is how you spread the beauty, power and truthiness of your religious beliefs.

The Sikh woman pictured here, with facial hair, is Balpreet Kaur, whose photo was posted on Reddit under the /r/Funny category. She responded to the post to explain how she looks and how it relates to her faith. She was gracious, kind to the poster, and invited all who might see her to say hello.

This was an amazing response and the original poster left an amazing apology to the woman, to all Sihks, and to everyone on Reddit. He calls her faith … astounding.  And it is, indeed. Read more here at It’s one of those stories that restores faith in humanity. It’s worth the click.



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  1. It was worth the click.

    “I never thought something would come out of the seeping necrotic abscess…”

    I had to look up “necrotic”.

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