Christians Behaving Badly — Poison Gelato

I am launching two new blog categories for 2012 — Skeptics Behaving Badly and Christians Behaving Badly.  We all make mistakes and I think it’s valuable to notice them and make efforts to do things differently.

Today, we get to hone in on one very bad decision by the Christian owner of an ice cream shop in Missouri, Gelato Mio. Andy was lucky enough to become an overnight Internet sensation by posting the picture seen here in his window during the weekend of the Skepticon conference held in his town.

After this decision, Gelato Mio’s reviews online tanked and the shop got an instant reputation for being what it so clearly is in my opinion — bigoted, discriminatory and un-American.   He has since issued an apology that reads just like what it is; a backpedal for a damaging business decision. He claims it was a knee jerk reaction that lasted only a few minutes before he came to his senses.  I think there is little evidence of impulse in the block letters created and colored-in for the word, “NOT,” nor is there much sincerity or humble generosity reflected in this sentence, “The event that greatly offended me was conducted by one man and I shouldn’t have reacted the way I did.”

Conducted by one man you should love and attended by, supported by, many more you should love.  But it seems to me, Andy only loves their dollars and star ratings. The apology reads like a business apology often does.  “Sorry I shared my beliefs and alienated your wallet.”

Andy, it’s your sincere beliefs that need re-evaluated not your decision to represent them on your businesses window. Get on your knees and spend some time discussing this with your (version of) God.


  1. ”Sorry I shared my beliefs and alienated your wallet.”
    -hahahaha! exactly what happened.

    I’m always interested in the motivations for actions; actions betray our true beliefs. Here we see instead of ministering, taking the opportunity to serve others and have dialog (like I believe Christians are called to do FIRST and FOREMOST), we have a conversation stopper and a line being drawn in the sand. Jesus drew something in the sand too, but it stopped a stoning rather than started one.

  2. Actually Jamie, it will be a sub-section of the Skeptics category called What Would Jamie Do? 😉

  3. I wonder if there’s a way in which he could have turned this into a boon. Had he stuck to his guns (illegal), he may have gotten more support from the extremist Christian movement.

    I’m a little concerned about this new feature. Will the “skeptics behaving badly” just be stories about me from our 20 year friendship? 🙂

  4. You know, I often wonder why these folks bother to apologize in the way that they do. I suppose in this guys case, he was doing something not just immoral, but illegal, and so making some effort there might save his skin. From a business owner perspective, I agree, he should just pack up shop.

  5. The power of the peoples’ voice is so strong these days.
    We all need to be better business people because the people are in control.

    This guy is now effectively out of business. I’d pack up and start all over.

    He offended everyone.

    He should have either not said it or stuck to his guns.

    I know what it’s like to get shit on online. It is super stressful and painful. But if you believe what you said you have to stick with it.

    …this guy.

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