Christians Behaving Badly – Islam is not a religion

Seriously, Tennessee? First the second crack at the monkey trial nonsense and now this.

“Plaintiffs in a civil trial trying to block a proposed mosque in Tennessee on procedural grounds were largely blocked Wednesday in trying to raise claims that Islam is not a real religion and that its followers are violent.”



Personally, I can never understand how one denomination or religion in power in the moment can strip rights from someone of a different religion and not recognize how that’s going to bite them in the ass later.

As college professor of engineering and pro-Mosque spokesman, Saleh Sbenaty, said so well, “I left my country [Syria] over 30 years ago to get my freedom over here, and now that’s being threatened,” he said. “My First Amendment rights are under fire.”

I have faith in humanity to rise above crazy like this though.  I’m not as sure about this other religious news that dabbles in the issue of church/state loop holes.

BusinessWeek reports that Government abiding business owners of Montana claim religion is oppressing their rights to make a buck. Order of Amish-esk folks are stealing construction business by not having to pay workers or taxes or the BWC.  Turns out that hard to compete against.

Emily Herx of Indiana can’t have IVF and keep her language arts teaching job at Catholic school.

Do these people need protection from religion or do their counterparts need that “of” religion protection?



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  1. I dunno…certainly the God of the old testament was pretty anti other religions. Even Jesus claims that no one gets to God except through him. Pretty exclusive. Though it may be unconstitutional and though it may go against the first amendment, in truth, these Christians are just following religious orders direct from the Bible. I say, deliver me from religion all together.

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