Time for “The Talks”

18a78-birds-bee-cartoonMy son is eleven and so the “talks” are coming.  We’re a family that allows youtube and video games, so we’ve already covered swearing and virtual reality vs. reality reality. We’ve also done some basic birds and bees chats, but the talk about penis, vagina and where babies come from will be covered just fine at school.

But at home, we’ll have to talk about things like alcohol, weed, heroin, masturbation, consent, pornography, texting and driving, online bullying and safety . . . and SO MUCH MORE.

Out of fear and to prep for these chats, I have found a lot of great videos as jumping off points for conversation.  I thought some parents out there might appreciate these links I’ve collected.  And now I have a list for my future reference:

The Science of Pornography Addiction

The Science of Morning Wood

Your Brain on Alcohol

Your Brain on Marijuana

Is Masturbation Good for You?.

The Clean Version of Tea and Consent

Heroin Users of Reddit, what made you try Heroin?

Texting and Driving: Liz’s Story

Teens React: Cyber Bullying (Amanda Todd)

Shane Dawson: Sexual Confusion & Bi-Sexuality

Draw My Life: Anthony Padilla of Smosh (Anxiety)

Draw My Life: Joey Graceffa (Being Gay & Learning Disabled)

So, there’s my list. Do any of you have good resources to kick off all the “talks” for tweens and teens? Anything you wish your parents had talked to you about?

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