Aging Feminist

handsThe older I get, the more of a feminist I become. Is it the continued experience of witnessing injustice? Seeing as how I just learned about Bride Burning or the debacle of the Hobby Lobby ruling, I wish this were the case. But no. I’m one of those “if it doesn’t affect me” types.

So, now it affects me, because I am on the sexual decline.  I fell victim, as many modern women do, to the reality that my power lies in my attractiveness. Not to say I didn’t cultivate the other aspects of personal power in society. But the default — young and attractive — was always there helping me out.

Now as it fades, I realize the deficiency of the other things. Will my mind, my work, my life as a mother / daughter / wife be as respected in my elder years as an older mans experiences?  I am doubtful.

This could be as much about my choices as it is about society (I could have been a politician if I craved power, right?). But I am becoming more aware of the limitations of my gender, even in this country.

Do you think I am experiencing the problems of aging that we all face — the slide from the desired demographic of life? Or am I right to suspect that being a post menopausal woman puts me at a more significant disadvantage in a society where power and money rule?



  1. I definitely went through stages of grief as I realized my peak physical attractiveness was a decade ago. I feel better off now, though: I have more confidence in the rest of the areas of my life, I have more wisdom and fewer problems, and I never run out of things to talk about at parties.

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